NaNoWriMo is infectious

Now why doesn’t the art community have a cool challenge like NaNoWriMo? The BBF (best boyfriend forever), alternating between elation and anxiety about his first ever NaNo, starting Tuesday, got me evaluating my work modus operandi: Time in The studio somehow always lands up last on the list, and I have plenty of very good justifications for this! Oh yessir, no-one could fault me for being handicapped by the Great Three- lack of time, energy, and finances. Watertight alibi. Yet something about the excited collective spirit and the supportive vibe among the writing community I’m witnessing second-hand has infected my busy, mostly art-free little world. What the heck, if you guys can, so can I! And yes, I know that writing about 1700 words on a daily basis is probably much more challenging than getting down some drawing or painting , but relativity is a wonderful thing. If I manage to match this schedule I will be achieving the impossible…so here’s the deal: For every daily quota of words I’ll equal at least one drawing or painting, editing optional 😉 .From the first of November to the thirtieth of November. Any artists out there care to join, bring it on! Any writers need visual inspiration, feel free to browse my hopefully prolific output!

“Lüderitz Jetty”  Oil on board       copyright Silke Berens


10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo is infectious

  1. I have posted and several artists expressed interest and reshared with some of their circles. Maybe you have created something that will become as big as NaNo one day 🙂

  2. This is fabulous!!! If you don’t mind, I would love to post this to my G+ circles, I have a TON of artists in my circles and I have no doubt a few would love this challenge. It is great fun to join the writers and artists in a month-long challenge 🙂

  3. Great idea Silke and it surely will get the creative juices flowing. How often do we tell ourselves that we should do at least one creative thing or sketch a day….?
    So, i am a bit scared to say this, but i will join in. and hopefully keep up with the challenge. (i have not read what the writing thing is about, so am just joining you in doing at least one sketch or artwork a day). Not sure if would post it somewhere, maybe just mail some to you, and post some….?

  4. Last year, my friend Marian and I did it with cinquain poems :).
    I’m actually embarrassed to do it this year because it felt so excluding to me last year, snobby almost. But its about the book. Its about the work, which makes your “translation” of it perfect.
    Gonna post pictures for us?!?

  5. Good on you for attacking the challenge of NaNo in your own way! I was talking to a girl last year who operated on the principle of ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and aimed for 50 pictures by the end of the month. Great stuff.

    I wish you much luck!

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