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ArtMo final installment


Shoewee. I yet have to count my output for the month, so not sure if I made my goal. But it’s almost the 1st so I needed to post.

Regardless of numbers, I’m amazed at what I thought was impossible to produce. I’m gonna carry on in this vein, so keep watching this  space!

To all NaNoWriMo participants, arrived or not, well done and thanks for all of your inspiring words on so many wonderful blogs.




How to break on through- 2nd week of ArtMo


The other side is not quite reached yet, but I have managed a considerable shift in mindset:  Showing up and doing the work is the piece of advice most given when it comes to success/improvement/advancement in almost any activity, yet it is the hardest to do.  In my case,  as soon as I made the decision to commit, adding public witnesses- great gratitude goes to the NaNoWriMo community who started my ball rolling-, this elusive attitude took root in my commitment-phobic, neurotic brain and silenced all that psycho babble which kept me immobilized and procrastinating in the past. Don’t ask me to analyze how and why this happened, I’m still somewhat afraid to jinx the ease and carefree swagger with which I show up every day to do the work…inspiration not a necessary ingredient, letting go very much so.

The output you see here might not seem like a big deal, quantity or quality wise, but believe me my spirit is a party of luminous, exploding fireworks right now. After years of analysis paralysis it feels like a spell has been lifted and all I can think of is that I was finally sick of struggling!



ArtMo first days

Against all odds- conferences, functions, exams, deadlines- I have produced something each day. Mostly small doodles and randoms, which I’m totally unused to showing anyone, but I said I’d post so there ya have it.

Compared to my output rate for the past 24 months, this is prolific indeed…what I usually do is to spew out a body of pretty much spontaneous work in a short intense frenzy, uncomfortably squeezed in between many months of complete flat lining.

I’m enjoying this discipline, unexpectedly, my brain is happily buzzing with ideas while my pen wanders on the paper.

Launching my own private ArtMo International

Art Month International. Yeah how grand does that sound!? Two participants so far, let’s see if we can start a trend here!

Day one getting off to a good start, terribly precious and uptight though, wanting it all to turn out good and useable and showable. Meh. Have to work hard at keeping the quality demon muffled. The goal is just to release, to engage fully with The Flow by not getting overly in the way…

Sending sunny spirit to all NaNoWriMo participants 🙂

Will post pics every three days. Demon or not.

'Being' Oil on Canvas 2010 Silke Berens

NaNoWriMo is infectious

Now why doesn’t the art community have a cool challenge like NaNoWriMo? The BBF (best boyfriend forever), alternating between elation and anxiety about his first ever NaNo, starting Tuesday, got me evaluating my work modus operandi: Time in The studio somehow always lands up last on the list, and I have plenty of very good justifications for this! Oh yessir, no-one could fault me for being handicapped by the Great Three- lack of time, energy, and finances. Watertight alibi. Yet something about the excited collective spirit and the supportive vibe among the writing community I’m witnessing second-hand has infected my busy, mostly art-free little world. What the heck, if you guys can, so can I! And yes, I know that writing about 1700 words on a daily basis is probably much more challenging than getting down some drawing or painting , but relativity is a wonderful thing. If I manage to match this schedule I will be achieving the impossible…so here’s the deal: For every daily quota of words I’ll equal at least one drawing or painting, editing optional 😉 .From the first of November to the thirtieth of November. Any artists out there care to join, bring it on! Any writers need visual inspiration, feel free to browse my hopefully prolific output!

“Lüderitz Jetty”  Oil on board       copyright Silke Berens