gathering momentum

As summer approaches in the southern hemisphere, my creative counsellor aka The Boyfriend nudges me yet again to take another step towards a long-missing acknowledgement: That I am, in fact, an artist with a voice. A voice that needs to share, encourage, explore, and heal. We are all to some extent suffering from a lack of confidence and self-belief, and nowhere can that be more poisoning than in the creative fields. Yet the power of others’ creative achievements has propelled me forward countless times, as has their critical input towards my own art. Hence my decision to enter the web community, so that I may become a more fully functioning participant in that beautiful exchange of energy which has the potential to change the world, one artist at a time.


“Diaz Point” Oil on Canvas 1998

Artist: Silke Berens

Diaz Point is at the coast of perhaps the most desolate town in the whole universe: Lüderitz was built on the discovery of diamonds in the desert at the end of the 19th century; today it has a small fishing industry and some offshore diamond mining vessels keeping it alive. I spent a few years living there, entranced by the feeling of complete exposure to the extreme elements existing between desert and ocean. That’s me on the rickety old bridge fighting the constant, merciless wind…

For more info on Lüderitz, please visit:


5 thoughts on “gathering momentum

  1. @Scribbla, @Drew Lane, @Indigo Spider, @Val: Thanks so very much for your encouraging, positive welcome and feedback- I’m glad to be here, already feeling uplifted!

  2. Your painting very much reflects your spirit. I agree with every word you have written and it is wonderful to have you here sharing what I know will be compelling and soul affecting art. If the above painting is any indication, we are all in for a monumental eye and heart treat. 🙂

  3. Beautiful painting, beautiful blog, beautiful words. Thank you for sharing! I found my way here via Scribbla and I am grateful. I will be following you on the journey.

  4. Your blog looks incredible. I am interested to discover where your voice will lead us – that it will create positive change is doubtless. A big congratulations on the scary and momentous step you have taken. Let your journey be blessed.

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