Featured artist- Imke Rust

Imke and I theoretically live in the same city, although she’s recently forsaken sunshine and wide open spaces to spend time in Berlin, following her heart and her art šŸ˜‰

I miss having her around to talk shop and bemoan the struggles encountered in our local art scene. Imke makes a mean vegetarian chilli, and is the most even-tempered artist I know. I suspect this trait has got her further in her career than a lot of the more moody andĀ outrageousĀ artists out there, and boy those still waters do paint some dark depths!

She’s a very talented artist who’s had a lot of success already, and she’s only getting better and going bigger. A gallery in Berlin will be hosting her next exhibition in 2012. Yay!

Check out her site: Ā imkerust.com

For WillieWhite Despair (The Funeral)m_Dying OwlBaobab Tree

All artwork by Imke Rust


3 thoughts on “Featured artist- Imke Rust

  1. PS. – I was not aware of your blog – found it by pure chance. Good luck and have lots of fun with it. Maybe you could activate the thing that immediately posts a notice on FB, when you add a new post. Anyway, have subscribed now, so i will stay in the loop :). And an email to you is on the to-do list, with lots of new pics.

  2. Thank you Silke for your kind and encouraging words and support! Always so good to hear this from my friends and fellow artists! Gosh, as much as i am enjoying Berlin, i miss home and you guys!!!

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